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We are Local

One of the number one questions we get asked is, "Are you local?" Our answer is "Yes." We have a team of over 20 amazing individuals, so here's an opportunity to get to know how local and diverse our team is. Our costumes are located in Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, and Vancouver, and if you think that's diverse, wait until you meet our princess and hero performers. Cassandra was born in Langley, raised in Maple Ridge, and now lives in Coquitlam. As a Scout, and adventurer she spent her weekends and summer learning, discovering and sharing her love of BC, camping, and local attractions. She attended university in Mission, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and Burnaby. She is a true teacher and if there's a place you'd like to learn about in the lower mainland, she's the one to bring along. Kirsten shares her roots across BC with family in Powell River, Maple Ridge, and Coquitlam. She has also performed all over BC and in Nanaimo. One of her favourite memories is performing at the Cloverdale Rodeo. For a musical tour, Kirsten is your party princess professional. Mariko is perfectly attuned with all of British Columbia's beautiful parks, campgrounds, and outdoor spaces. Not to mention, theatre and performance spaces. Mariko is the Liasion for the Fraser Valley Council for Scouts. This role takes her everywhere. Additionally Mariko is a professional actor and theatre performer. If there's a park or stage you'd like to see, Mariko is your compass. Madi, one of our favourite princesses called Surrey her homestead for many years. She is truly a creative artist with the kindest soul. She served in the Canadian military. After her service, she moved to Squamish with her husband. She may be a princess, but she could also be called the Queen of the slopes. Wondering about Richmond, Delta, Burnaby, North Van, and New West? Our amazing superheroes all hail from these proud cities. We even have a hero and a photographer based in Chilliwack. As for Nanaimo, Victoria, and the island? We are connected through Scouts, mer-maiding, and performing to local actors in those areas as well. No matter where you're from, we have a team member local to you. Because "Home is where the heart is."

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