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Celebrating Uniqueness: Crafting Magical, Inclusive Birthday Experiences for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD

Dear Parents,

I'm Kirsten, co-creator/owner of Out Of The Rain. I'm not just the owner—I'm a compassionate advocate dedicated to creating magical, inclusive birthday parties tailored for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and or ADHD

I recall growing up, unaware of my place on the spectrum. Birthdays were often filled with uncertainty and discomfort. Few friends to invite, feeling uneasy in the spotlight, and never quite knowing how to react to gifts—it was very tough. There was a lot of pressure and I ended up dreading my birthdays. I have made it my mission to make birthday celebrations a joyous, stress-free experience for every child, especially those on the spectrum or neurodivergent in general.

The essence of our approach lies in understanding each child's unique needs, tailoring every detail to ensure a celebration that feels just right:

1. Crafting Personalized Experiences: At OOTR, personalization is at our core. We delve deep into understanding your child's passions, sensory sensitivities, and comfort zones. From character interactions to activities and the schedule, every element is meticulously designed to make your child feel seen and celebrated.

2. Building a Comforting Environment: We know that sensory overload can overwhelm children with ASD. That's why we adjust lighting, sound levels, and provide a calming serene atmosphere. We offer the choice to have multiple characters if you are having a large party. That way if your child needs a breather, our character can go for some quiet, one-on-one time while the other character continues entertaining.

3. Clear, Empathetic Communication: Our instructions and schedules are crystal clear, ensuring your child feels at ease. We recognize the challenges of Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) and transform demands into engaging choices or activities, respecting their boundaries at every turn. Something as simple as handwashing can turn into a beautiful experience and bonding moment for the child with the character.

4. Flexibility and Patience, Tailored Just for Your Child: Here's where our approach truly shines:

   - Embracing Unique Dance Moves: If your child isn't keen on group dance activities, we'll engage them with personalized song choices or dance movements they love, making every moment enjoyable.


   - Seamless Integration of Stimming: We understand that self-regulation is key. In our games, we incorporate their stims, making it a natural part of the fun, comforting for your child and relatable for everyone around. Example: “Twirl like a ballerina” or “Jump like a frog”


   - Individualized Storytelling Adventure: During storytelling, if your child feels the urge to go down a near slide or move around/can’t sit still. We work with them instead of against them; transforming it into an interactive part of the story, keeping their interest alive while respecting their need for movement. Example: “Let’s all go down the slide every time I turn the page.”

5. Tailored Magic, Just for Them: We take immense pride in tailoring activities to your child's interests. With your input, we create an unforgettable celebration, filled with everything your child loves.

At Out Of The Rain, we don't just host parties; we create a haven of joy, acceptance, and celebration. Every child deserves a birthday where they feel cherished, understood, and free to be themselves.

Join us in crafting a birthday experience where your child isn't just a guest, but the star of the show. Because every effort to create a space that resonates with your child's uniqueness matters.

I invite you to experience the heartfelt difference at Out Of The Rain. Your child's birthday deserves nothing less.

Warm Regards,


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