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Our Story

Serendipity and Intensity are influences that when brought together create magic. These two ingredients worked together in a creative way to connect Kirsten and Cassandra and create the incredible company that is now Out of the Rain Character Events.

It was the night before an upcoming event, that Cassandra found herself in need of a princess; but not just any princess. She didn’t know it yet, but she was about to meet her new best friend.

Cassandra reached out to the universe and a mutual friend put her in contact with Kirsten, an amazing performer who had already been attending parties with her own company Pick-a-Princess. They met that evening and the energy was electric. They realized they had a shared understanding. For them, bringing these characters to life wasn’t about the job. It was something more. They value character integrity, going above and beyond what’s expected, but most importantly, they love doing what they do. And when you love doing, what you do, you never have a bad day.

As Kirsten and Cassandra began to learn more about each other, they found that their different strengths complimented each other. Kirsten has been singing since she could remember and has performed internationally. Cassandra has been dancing and acting for a similar amount of time. Kirsten is also a vet technician, and Cassandra, a teacher. With alternating schedules, they find that they’re better able to meet client needs, while also helping those in their local community. And they are true locals. Cassandra was born in Langley, raised in Maple Ridge, and went to University in Mission, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and Burnaby. She has also worked with nearly every wedding and event venue in Vancouver, Surrey, and the lower mainland when she previously worked in the wedding industry. Cassandra now lives in Coquitlam, centrally located and right down the street from Kirsten. Kirsten was born and raised in Port Coquitlam and her parents are currently in Powel River, and Maple Ridge. Kirsten is a country girl at heart, and Cassandra, the explorative scout. Together, these two BC girls are creating something extraordinary.

Kirsten and Cassandra reflected on their relationship with BC and their community. They knew they already had a strong foundation in creating a character team, they just needed a name. A name is something that is more than a sticker. It’s a promise.

As Kirsten and Cassandra searched within and around them, Cassandra commented on Kirsten’s art and love of red umbrellas. A spark ignited in their eyes. Of course! Vancouver is known for it’s rain and why not incorporate a bold, red umbrella? Thus, Out of the Rain Character Events was born. Born out of friendship. Created to set out deep roots, and with all the foundations to grow.

Kirsten, on the left, Cassandra on the Right
Photo by Ray Urner Photography

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